Aug 192015

    Since May 2014, the Indian yarn exports to China continued to slump. But the number of yarns in June this year, India’s exports to China rebounded, exports increased by 105 percent, the export value increased by 80%, mainly due to Chinese domestic prices are high and cotton yarn prices firm.

      In June, 2015,the average export price of Indian cotton $ 2.71 / kg, far below last year’s $ 3.52 / kg. China Shengze market 32 yarn for $ 3.30-3.37 / kg, compared to $ 3.90 / kg. June, India yarn shipments to China doubled year on year, the export value increased by 82%, unit prices continued to fall year on year, but remain at $ 2.90-3.00 / kg level, China accounted for the proportion of exports of cotton yarn in India reached 40%.

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